To meet the client’s requirements in the field of Power Supply Distribution AL Mazroui ICAS has created Power Division by joining hands with G-TEC a leading European brand.

G-TEC is one of the leading company in Europe in development of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). UPS by G-TEC are designed to ensure the top level of reliability.

The continuous technological development of computers and telecommunications, imposes high reliability and efficiency, particularly in environment as Data-Center, Server rooms, Data Bases, Banks, Hospitals and Industrial Controls, where the electrical continuity guarantees the utility quality. G-Tec would be the right solution to feed power to such critical equipment.



Online UPS compact

Rack-tower convertible 1-2-3-6-10 kVA



Online UPS

10-100 kVA three-phase / single-phase

10-800 kVA three-phase / three-phase


MUST 10 – 400

Modular UPS

10 – 200 kVA modular UPS, up to 400kVA


MUST 900

Modular UPS

30 – 300 kVA modular UPS – up to 900